Watch Out Diabetes is designed to empower women previously diagnosed with gestational diabetes to take control of their health and prevent the progression into type 2 diabetes.

Our Story

Founders Forum is a community for the best global entrepreneurs, inspiring CEOs and key investors, in media and technology. For the 10-year anniversary, they have organized the F-Factor for the very first time. The F-Factor was a talent competition that offered the selected young British entrepreneurs access to inspirational investors or world-class technology experts.



Our story started in June 2015 at the Founders Forum where our founder Dina presented the idea of digital diabetes care delivered in the community with the aim to prevent rather than treat illness.



In the meantime, Dina’s aunt was diagnosed with diabetes in pregnancy for the first time and our team spent several months researching this condition. We saw there was an urgent need to investigate what interventions may delay or prevent type 2 diabetes and that women do not receive adequate support to do so after they have given birth. Therefore, we decided to combine design, technology and science to develop a programme that will support women who had gestational diabetes and are at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes. 


Our Offices


1 Frederick's Place
London, UK

Eastern European Office

16 Pri Bielom Krizi,
831 02
Bratislava, Slovakia

Asian Office

Opening September 2017
Shanghai, China

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