WOD Digital prevention programme for women who want to live a healthy lifestyle, track their menstrual cycles and discover patterns in their sleep and activity. The app includes tips from BDA expert dieticians and uses machine learning principles to suggest healthy recipes and food shopping lists. It was specifically designed for women who have had diabetes in pregnancy and are now at high risk of type 2 diabetes Be active, healthy and reduce your risk of diabetes!


Woman’s health in one place! Keep track of your activity, weight, vital and metabolic health. Set your weekly activity goals, get reminders and gain new insights from our new data science algorithms. WOD is here to help you reach your goal – designed for women only!

Learning Course

A learning course designed by Desmond-qualified dietitians developed on balanced diet and weight management. The course consists of ten core lessons on nutritional topics including fad diets and mindful eating. Many popular diets actually do not have any evidence and often there are many misconceptions about ‘healthy eating’. This course provides a good start to find your own personalised healthy diet. It is an educational programme accessible to you, your friends and the entire family!

Menstrual Calendar

Your cycle may have an effect on your mood, sleep, activity levels and food choices. Discover unique patterns in your cycle and learn how to get the best of it! Keep a record of your periods, sexual health and find out about your fertility window, PMS and predicted next period dates.

Recipes Description

Get ready made shopping lists and enjoy endless number of recipes in the app. We worked with a team of data-scientists from the S2DS, largest European data-science school to develop an intelligent algorithm that uses machine learning principles to provide recipes based on your recommended dietary intake and food preferences.

Peer to Peer Support & Remote Monitoring

Use our tailored peer-to-peer support groups to connect with your friends and women aiming for similar goals. Change is difficult and sticking to healthy habits (unlike the love for sugary food) is not really in our evolutionary nature. Personal groups can help facilitate behavioral change. In addition, the complete hospital integration allows you to connect with your medical team even when you do not have time for face-to-face consultations.


*Remote patient monitoring, full hospital integration and a physician interface is available for healthcare institutions.  


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