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Problem: Although many translational studies have shown promising results in women who have had gestational diabetes, the best approach to reduce the long-term risk of type 2 diabetes is as yet unknown. 

Solution: More Research Needed! 

Watch Out Diabetes is a research-oriented digital health programme focused on developing novel solutions for women with prediabetes globally. Our research can broadly be divided into three main areas: 



  1. Disease Trajectories - Many risk models aiming at early identification of patients at high risk are widely used in the clinical settings. These models typically only consider the patient’s current state at the time of the assessment and ignore the trajectory, the sequence of events, that led up to the state. We believe the disease trajectory is important and want to study whether the trajectory influences the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. 
  2. Genomics & Bioinformatics Resources - We are primarily interested in Mendelian randomisation studies in women with type 2 diabetes that can help to demonstrate the causal relevance of a biomarker or risk factor to risk of developing this condition. In the future, these can also incorporate proteomics, metabolomics, and transcriptomic data, and other bioinformatics resources in order to investigate the biological pathways linking the gene to disease aetiology. 
  3. Evidence-based practice - We want to test whether continuous monitoring and early risk group detection may genuinely improve clinical outcomes by prolonging the window period for lifestyle interventions. 

Watch Out Diabetes research is led by clinicians, academics and students from University College London (UCL), Cambridge University and Imperial College London. We are continuously looking to expand our research network e and partner with startups, academic institutions and industry representatives working in the field. If you believe our research may be complimentary, please get in touch.