Meet our team

Dina Radenkovic

Dina is a researcher and a UCL medical student who founded Watch Out Diabetes through the Founders Forum in June 2015. She is the national NHS Quality Improvement Champion and she holds a first class honours degree in Medical Science and Physiology from UCL. Having grown up with diabetes in the family, her goal is to work on the precision medicine approach to diabetes and heart disease. 

David Melas

David is our co-founder and a proud Cambridge graduate who is leading WOD finance and business strategy. David holds the first class honours degree in Economics from UCL and a Masters degree in Finance and Real Estate from the University of Cambridge. He has a broad interest in social enterprise and technology businesses that fight inequality and promote social good. 

Tomas Ivan

Tomas is the leading mobile software developer at Watch Out Diabetes. He holds a Masters degree in Engineering and Computer Science and is an expert in iOS mobile development. He has worked on challenging projects such as the water-billing information system solution for the water-station of Jerusalem in Israel, and electronic tax systems for European governments as part of the Anext group.


Martha Martin

Martha is our head of partnerships and a graduate from GKT School of Medical Education with a degree in Management from Imperial College Business School. She has just handed over the directorship of Lead-In, an organization that promotes leadership and management in healthcare. She is passionate about improving the health care system and has worked in medical education and within the medical supply chain.

Timi Oluwole

Timi is a project manager at Watch Out Diabetes. He holds a BSc in Economics from the University of Portsmouth. He has experience in financial services and within a local authority, having also worked with a community charity. Timi holds an interest in business and technology, and has made blog contributions for a sports reporting organisation set up by former university students. 

Jack Kreindler

Jack Kreindler is a doctor, technologist and investor who sits on advisory boards of world’s leading digital health companies. He is the founder of CCHP and Sentrian, an alumnus of UCL and Singularity University and a medicine consultant to the Founders Forum. Jack provides expert advice and guidance to our WOD team. 

Rebecca McManamon

Rebecca is an advisor dietitian at Watch Out Diabetes and an accredited ‘DESMOND’ diabetes educator with a wealth of experience in helping clients manage health conditions through dietary change. Rebecca has expertise in a range of conditions, including diabetes, pre-diabetes, weight management and cardiovascular disease. Rebecca is a BDA media spokesperson and has been featured in the Daily Mail, The Guardian and on BBC Radio.